Why Medprecinct ?

Medprecinct team is armed with 175+ person year experience with over 120+ customers globally and presence in 7 countries .

Following are the core principles we subscribe to at Medprecinct:

Accuracy of result

Institute of medicine (IOM) states that error rate of 10% in clinical labs are consistent, of which 40% forms part of pre-analytical stage

Medprecinct thrives to build features that forces best practices in pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical stages of sample processing translating to accuracy, reliability and most important customer satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

A strong r&d team backed by a panel of domain experts ensures continuous upscale of its solutions, to be at par with the ever changing technological and functional needs of the domain

Strong back office team

“A strong support drives customer satisfaction”

This is the USP of Medprecinct team and our culture. A dedicated back office support team with strong domain experience ensures 100 % up time across clients globally